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The answer depends on who you believe and not the facts.

I am a former policeman. I am proud of my service years in the South African Police Force and will always be upset when I see an officer murdered or hurt or abused. It is a job like no other and perhaps a calling even though I never felt any such calling, to be honest. To me, it was a job that I did to the best of my abilities. I wrote my experiences down in the Mean Streets Books (also known in Afrikaans as Gewetenlose Strate) not so much for myself but to keep a record on our side of the story. The first thing you learn in the police and as a lawyer is to be as skeptical as you can be since most you are in contact with are known to have versions of the truth which differs widely from what the facts are. Yes, people lie and so do kids. That is why both sides of the events must be heard by a neutral judge or you have a kangaroo court.

The New York Times, that bastion of nonsense, said two days after the January 6 storming of Capitol Hill: “Capitol Police Officer Dies From Injuries in Pro-Trump Rampage.” As always it had anonymous claims that Sicknick died “with the mob rampaging through the halls of Congress and after he was struck with a fire extinguisher.” Of course, such a juicy headline could be milked even more, later that day this came out: “He Dreamed of Being a Police Officer, Then Was Killed by a Pro-Trump Mob” A few days later The New York Times said that "Law enforcement officials said he (Sicknick) had been ‘physically engaging with protesters’ and was struck in the head with a fire extinguisher.”

Okay, you have to be blind not to see the one-sided gutter reporting political angle here but the question remains, who killed Officer Sicknick? I ask because if you ask anyone they will repeat the above articles and be convinced that is the truth and nothing but the truth. It is also a matter of record now since the House impeachment managers claimed that “the insurrectionists killed a Capitol Police officer by striking him in the head with a fire extinguisher. Joe Biden issued a statement (these are official documents) that Sicknick lost “his life while protecting the Capitol from a violent, riotous mob on January 6, 2021.”

The fallen officer even lay in state with concerned politicians and media people making passionate speeches. After all, he was also the ONLY one to die at the hands of the mob. The others that died formed part of the pro-Trump protesters. We had Ashli Babbitt, unarmed and a USAF veteran, shot in the neck by a police officer at close range. In other countries that would be called murder. Kevin Greeson died of a heart attack. Benjamin Philips died of a stroke that day. Rosanne Boyland, said the same newspaper, was inadvertently “killed in a crush of fellow rioters during their attempt to fight through a police line.”

Okay, so where are the so-called "armed insurrection?" What happens when the police officer was not proven to be "murdered?" The entire "armed and violent insurrection" narrative falls away. What remains is scared witless politicians running for cover unable to even man up enough to face the crowds to calm them down. Leadership, some would call that. Yes, on the Republican side Mike Pence and others removed themselves with great haste. On the Democratic side... well, expect a major movie on how they too had "near-death" experiences even when blocks removed from the incident. Yes, they were so brave, these chosen leaders, that they cannot get over something that posed very little danger to them. Not one was even injured.

Now I saw genuine riots, thousands of people, burning "police informers" alive with the notorious necklace method, and much more. Yes. Those were actually dangerous scenarios. The Capitol Hill Affair was Mickey Mouse in comparison. Nevertheless, the answer should be easy on who murdered Officer Sicknick. I mean, when an officer is killed a post mortem is always done and you may be sure that his own Force/Department will investigate most thoroughly to get revenge. It is a fact that Sicknick's body showed no signs of blunt trauma after being hit with a fire extinguisher that murdered him. Nor are there any videos available of the incident or any genuine (not voices inside the reporter's head) witnesses to the attack on him. Why not? Because it did not happen until evidence to the contrary can be provided and tested in court. At this stage, we simply do not know how he died. But we do know why it is important to show that he was murdered by the Trump Mob - but that is not justice, is it? The truth concerns us more or should.

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