Updated: Nov 8, 2020

How the Coronavirus will undermine democracy

If you trust governments to do the “right” thing and act “for the people” you have not met enough turds in your life. I refer to all politicians as “turds” because they float in what they talk. They are smelly too, no doubt. Politics is for them nothing but an opportunity to self-enrichment. It has nothing to do with serving your nation. Once you understand this you will understand how they use every opportunity to reduce your civil rights for the benefit of those in power, that is, themselves and their business mates. It is always done under the mantle of “human rights / humanitarian intervention / for the good of society.” And it is just so much nonsense.

Let me show you a recent article as an example: - “Anonymised data collected by Swisscom and given to the government have revealed that the Swiss population is behaving in a disciplined manner and is following the guidelines set out by the federal authorities to contain the spread of Covid-19.

Health Minister Alain Berset confirmed on Wednesday that, at the government’s request, the country’s largest mobile operator was detecting crowds via mobile phones. The data, which are anonymised and delivered with a 24-hour delay, are handed to the government for the specific purpose of limiting the coronavirus pandemic in Switzerland.

Daniel Kochexternal link, head of communicable diseases at the Federal Office of Public Health (FOPH), stressed on Thursday that this was “not surveillance”. He said the live movements of phone users could not be traced. He explained it was a question of seeing whether there were patterns in the movements – and only in public spaces. “It’s a simple reflection of past mobility in public.” The measure is completely anonymous and completely safe in terms of data protection, Koch said.

At a press conference, Berset sought to assuage these concerns (my italics and insertion - privacy concerns), confirming that there was no intention to carry out real-time monitoring of individuals. Only a few people at the Federal Office of Public Health have access to data and that the data made it possible to observe “the past in an anonymised and globalised manner”, Berset said.

On Wednesday, an association of mobile operators external link announced that Vodafone, Deutsche Telekom, Orange and five other telecoms providers had agreed to share mobile phone location data with the European Commission to track the spread of the coronavirus.”

Yep, decide for yourself. I know what bullshit is when I read it. I can take the above statement and destroy it with contemptible ease in any court or any forum of your choice. This is mass surveillance. And as we saw, now it is done across Europe as standard procedure (and all for your own good - how honorable). Frankly, I don’t want to hear excuses or justifications from those in power. To me it is very simple, follow the damn law or shut up since there is nothing further to say. That is how a country ought to be run – by following the established and authorized laws without fear or favor. The only exceptions allowed must be court authorized. Mark my words, the above will become the new standard with all the evils that are linked to surveillance / police states of which Western Europe ranks with China. It will not disappear with the virus pandemic.

On a lighter note, part of the clampdown in South Africa is a ban on the sale of cigarettes for three weeks. Okay, if you really want an incident and violence, carry on with that ban. I have yet to meet a smoker that will not cheat his mother for a cigarette when the craving arrives. This will lead to violence and more. In the UK the anti-Russia propaganda war is continuing. Yes, the Royal Navy saved the UK from a Russian Navy invasion last week when a Russian Navy squadron sailed past as allowed by international law. The Russian vessels were not in a tactical formation, had their navigational radars and equipment on, and cleared the passage with Foreign Office. Yet, if you read the UK headlines they were just about to attack the miserable island without sun. Just so much nonsense, yet again. And in the USA? Our so-called “Beacon of Freedom.” Ah, what a wonderful place to observe from the side. The Russian and Chinese attempt to assist, Italy (the hardest hit European country besides Spain) with medics and equipment is seen as a way to “scout the land for a later attack...” I have news for you. Russia and China do not need to scout out Italy or any NATO country. They already know exactly what to hit where should the time come to do so. After seven decades NATO is not exactly unknown or particularly secretive. Note that Italy was not assisted by any NATO country or the European Union in her time of need. Nothing, the Italians have reason to be extremely upset. Also, it is noticed that thousands of Chinese medics are streaming into Africa to assist as is a lot of equipment. Where is the West? Nowhere. So the turd games continue whilst people die because of their incompetence. The best they can do is to introduce “anonymized mass surveillance.”

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