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Updated: Nov 8, 2020

I was my school’s history boffin. I read thousands of books on World War Two covering all angles, German, Allied, and Soviet. Of course, I also looked at the role played by the British Dominions (New Zealand, Australia, Canada, South Africa) and India, often overlooked by official histories. I wrote dozens of books where solid military history research was required and I have friends who like to discuss history at levels which many will admire. Yet, I have never heard of the Jewish Army working behind enemy lines in Occupied Europe to rescue their own from the death camps until I wrote “When Does It End?” with my wife, Rebecca Kotze. This was news to me as it would be to most reading here.

The Jewish Army, or the Armée Juive, must not be confused with the Jewish Brigade. These men and women, less than 2,000 in number, worked as spies in civilian dress in a private war, almost. For decades they stayed outside the history books and their achievements unrecognized outside their own circles. It is an amazing story.

The risks which the Jewish operatives took were beyond the normal rules of war. Whereas a captured Allied spy could still survive and many did, the Jewish Army operative had no chance and certainly no easy death either. This was courage in action, day after day, since about 1942.

We also looked at the run-up to World War Two and how the European Jews tried to escape the Nazis and could not simply because no country would open its borders to them. Not one country, not the Swiss, not the Americans, not the Brits, no one, wanted the Jews without the correct paperwork being in place. Where they somehow obtained the required papers they were turned away, regardless. Yes, you will read of great tragedy and abuse in this book. You will also read of compassion, heroism, loyalty, and hope.

Of the dozens of books I wrote, this one stirred my soul the most. I remembered my Jewish grandmother that fled to the Union of South Africa and met my grandfather. The rest, as they say, is family history. My wife and co-author of “When Does It End?,” Rebecca, grew up in a Jewish family in Chicago as she explains in the short video clip of the book ( She too was on a journey of discovery. It is safe to say that history could have been different if powerful men were more sympathetic to a people in need. The Jewish Holocaust could have been prevented if only... but it was not.

“When Does It End” is available on Amazon in paper and Kindle at

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