Not normality as we used to know the concept.

Quite a few countries are now vaccinating citizens with great fanfare (read crude propaganda because that it is all it is). Those that arrived for the jab are hailed as national heroes and yet I am not seeing the politicians lining up despite promises to do so… why is that? It is interesting that during Soviet times the aircraft designer undertook the first flight himself. Where are the vaccine executives? Hmm. Nowhere? I wonder why.

Yet at the same time, nothing will change because of the jab. You will still have panicked (and power-mad) officials locking down economies in various degrees of stupidity for the next few years and call themselves “heroes” for creating the “Great Reset” which cannot be discussed because it is a “conspiracy theory.” Yet any bit of research will show you a new world order that is scary to contemplate and one based on a complete lack of personal freedoms. Yes, socialism in its worst form but as said, we should not say anything in public.

It seems to be the classic old “see the trees instead of the forest syndrome” to me if I am kind and generous. On a more realistic view, well, let me not explain what most think of lies like “Only for two weeks…” or “No forced vaccinations but f you forever if you do not, you will not travel, shop, or see your grandkids, or have any resemblance of a normal life. Yes, no forcing at all unless you are a “conspiracy theorist” to see what is not there to see…” It reminds me of Nelson Mandela when told that he could be released if he renounced everything he stood for. When he refused, well, “the man is clearly unreasonable.” True story.

You will still have to wear a mask everywhere - the effectiveness of which may not be debated among civilised men because both sides of the argument have excellent points but only one side, the wearing side, is allowed publication by the new gods, search engines and social media. Anyway, whatever, you will wear a mask and smile because that is the law. Strange though that it protected not those who got ill and died… Hmm, many more would have died if not worn? Prove it? Prove to me how many more would have died! Ahem, ahem, you are banned from talking about such things! Welcome to the new freedom of one direction thoughts. Yeah, true story.

Now it came out the actual test for COVID-19 is seriously flawed, so much that up to 90% of the positive tests may not be positive after all. The damn paper behind the so-called PCR test has 10 fatal flaws, so much so that it had to be withdrawn in contempt – see for details if interested. It was not the first warning that the testing is not accurate, but this is damning because it blows the test out of all credibility. And yet no changes will be made, the fake figures will continue to make headlines.

The illegal tracking of citizens will continue unabatedly as we saw last week in Australia where the intelligence services somehow got hold of the data (but of course never used it… of course not, stupid is as stupid does if you believe that excuse).

So the prediction is simple, same old same. Countries will accuse each other as is Switzerland right now for deciding to keep its many ski slopes open. The rest of Europe is not and thus losing money. What they forget is that the Swiss have nothing else but their mountains. You take the mountains and sports relating to them away and you are left with sour people that worry constantly about money. And that can never do, and so the skiers will have a good time and why not. But do not expect logical rational thinking. It is not part of the “Great Reset” where all is for the” common good of man” without individualism.

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