In one word, “Injustice.”

Well, I suppose there are two other annoying factors too, both part of life. First is when a client lies to you and you end up looking like a fool. That happens now and then, thus you get a good deposit before walking into the court. As the saying goes, the lawyer usually walks out, the client… well, perhaps. And when your agreed fee is not paid or an attempt is made to argue it down. The last happens more than what is generally realised. It is insulting since fees are discussed upfront (or should be). Most practitioners are not in big well-funded law firms, they are in fact “mom and pop” shops. It is also awfully expensive to practise law or any other “elite” profession. Your premises must look the part (as if you married rich and somehow got money) and then there is the cost of the premises, equipment, supporting staff and more. Sadly, it must also be acknowledged that many professionals pay their staff peanuts by which I mean about a day fee for the entire month. And let me not start on articles, demanded by law, and nothing but a form of slavery that should be banned. Such is life.

When I speak with colleagues, I notice that most have one common desire, it is called justice. Yes, they want money too, why not, it took years of study and exams to be admitted. Depending on what you specialise in you might have to deal with scum as well as officials (at times hard to know who is who) and then there are the other lawyers, some being most unreasonable, arrogant, and or plain stupid. The worst kind is those wanting to establish a reputation. Whatever, you outgrow that too after a few years or some do. Others stay the same which is also to be respected.

So, it is a boxing arena where the wrong decision can cost millions, a reputation lost, and clients become enemies because they simply do not understand the odds. I say in some of my books that wherever a lawyer (I use the word for both attorneys and advocates) promises that the chance of winning is say 90% etc. you should walk away and get to another lawyer immediately. Why? Because the odds are 50/50. In court, you either win or you lose (and in extremely rare cases you may end with a draw). These are bad odds. You are better off to settle or to get your house in order (contracts, contract management, decent labour practises, sound financial choices, etc.). The only people that make money during a trial are lawyers.

Justice is damn hard to find in this world. It cost money, skills, and luck. In fact, it may even be an illusion because for you to find justice the other party feel that an injustice was done to him. Thus, a good settlement is one where both parties are angry. That is give and take, and that is actually a fair way of doing business. Nevertheless, the search for justice carries on and will carry on and whatever hatred you might have against the profession, you need lawyers to gain justice. The alternative is murder, assault, and what is known as lynch law, which is not law but revenge, something better left to God. I am against the death penalty for that very reason – I don’t trust lawyers to not make mistakes, I was at university with them for years, worked with them, and thus I know them. I don’t trust the police not to frame the innocent, it happens, and certainly, I don’t trust witnesses either, they make mistakes, sometimes honest ones. Lastly, the law changes now and then and what were the death penalty would not be one today because society changed. Yet, when an injustice was committed, retribution is expected and I suppose healthy, there is a deterrence value (not for murder) and it balance life. As long as it hangs in the air it will always be there, annoying people to the point of murder being considered. It does not help when both sides have a good point and both sides feel aggrieved with the other.

As an example, masks. The science is not clear at all. In fact, for every report that says masks work to prevent the spread of Covid-19, there are others, just as eminent, stating that masks are not as effective as claimed. This leads to confusion, anger, and with the tech search engines banning opposite views from the conventional (that a mask is the answer, by God, and don’t your dare say differently). In fact, it is nothing but suppression of free speech, free-thinking, and playing nanny without being asked to do so. If a man decides not to wear a mask, or not to be vaccinated, and you are wearing a mask, and you are vaccinated, then I must ask why the outrage? You are in no danger and his life is his own to decide, not yours. The opposite is also true, if you wish to wear a mask in your car, driving alone, then do so by all means. That is not the problem here, the problem comes when you cause injustice by treating people unequally – there is nothing more annoying in law than a lack of equal treatment as it is inherently an injustice. Thus, the idea of vaccine passports will lead to injustice. People will not be treated equally. I must wonder if the outrage is not designed to create chaos and hatred between groups which will then lead to the wicked and immoral Corona laws implemented on otherwise non-criminals and harmless people. Where does this end, I wonder? Do you suppose that laws are made not to be enforced? Or that a blind eye will be turned? Or that the divide will not grow even more? Injustices are being created here which will lead to trouble in the future. The only question is how much and for who…

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