The suppression of Covid-19 dissenters in Australia is worrying

I asked in this blog more than once where the draconian regulations will lead to. This past week in Australia two citizens were arrested in their homes for stating their views on Facebook. One was a pregnant woman on her way to a sonar scan to check on the unborn baby. The other was a former soldier. Both were stormed Nazi style and arrested. Should they have resisted, blood would have flown. Both will be subjected to harsh fines and penalties besides their legal costs in defending themselves. Both stated on Facebook that there should be a protest against the lockdown rules.

Victoria State, Australia, is under some of the harshest lockdown regulations in the world. If this happened in China or Russia the world’s press would have had a field day. No doubt that harsh words would have been spoken at the UN Security Council too and yet we find silence on the incidents. The lack of knowledge is formidable. I often speak to those that consider themselves informed and find out that they have no idea that South Africa banned cigarettes and alcohol for months. And with the great example in history, Prohibition, in the US, the criminal elements had a field day selling cigarettes and alcohol on the black market. Many otherwise law-abiding citizens bought their goods at vastly inflated prices and the State lost all the tax revenues, billions. Oh, and almost no one stopped smoking. Besides, there is but little evidence of smokers being more seriously affected by the Corona virus than non smokers. So, it was just another turd (politicians, they smell and float in what they talk) getting overexcited and power crazy. Of course, they will blame the scientists. Justice there will be not.

But where will this end? How long before the shooting starts? Perhaps the time arrived to treat adults like adults and leave the police alone to catch genuine criminals. The day that a government fears protests so much that a pregnant woman must be dragged from her home you cease to be legitimate. What is more, this proved beyond any doubt that Facebook and Social Media are definitively monitored by the intelligence services as I warned so many times before.

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