Updated: Jun 3, 2020

Who decides? The Authorities? What do they know of real life?

What may be essential to one man can be rubbish to another. It is fascinating to see the COVID-19 Pandemic play out as panicked governments interfere more and more on basic civil rights. Here in Switzerland, nothing but a secret police state anyway in my view, no electronics are being sold in the shops. Together with clothing, I noticed electronic goods are lined/barred off. Electronics are not essential, those in charge say with lofty confidence. Really? Tell me, what happens if the internet goes down? What will be your channels of communication to the masses that you took an oath to serve? Do you have a small transistor radio capable of receiving FM & AM broadcasts which is the fall-back plan. Yes, old technology, but proven in wartime many times to this very day. Why do you think the US Intelligence Agencies are running Voice of America etc? To reach those they want to reach. So the ban on electronics is silliness in motion. Of course, you can get anything online but delivery will be delayed and probably not happen for weeks.

Let me also state that it is an entirely senseless argument to say to me that the internet will not go off. What if it does? Let us learn from history. In the Vietnam War, the US arrived with their new McDonnell Douglas F-4 Phantom II fighter bomber. It was a marvel of 1960s technology used until last week by the Japanese Air Force and still in service with the Iranians and other Air Forces. But it is also one that arrived without an internal cannon. The argument was that air-to-air missiles will do the job. They failed miserably. Eight out of every hundred launched might have hit what they were aimed at. The rest missed. Now the pilot was defenseless and also unable to attack. A 20mm gun was added post-haste.

Astonishingly, the very same mistake (stupidity by the office wallahs) was made with the “Stealthy it is not” F-35 Rubbish which the Chinese can track at 400 miles (done with Israeli assistance). Yes, true. I wrote books on this aspect under my pseudo name. I was shocked too. They now added a 25mm cannon which cannot hit what it is aiming to hit... I am often asked at JKLS Africa why a hostage prevention & survival briefing is necessary since the participant will not be captured to begin with... Yet they are and the risk is there and what, pray tell me, will you do if the worst happens? Life has a nasty way of breaking theories into irrelevant pieces. We should not dismiss anything. We should be prepared for anything. The internet can go down. And if so, the consequences will be tremendous. I assure you that a real panic will ensue. It is that crucial to our existence and so is news. Human beings need to know what is happening.

Should the authorities act stupidly, as they are right now with their electronic ban, I will say so in no unclear terms. Should the authorities do good, there is always hope, I will say so in no unclear terms too. Oh, and the cigarette sell ban is still going strong in South Africa. This ban is stupid beyond belief. People will run out of their drug and get obnoxious. Already I saw large grocery stores being looted down south. I warned previously that the next step is violence. Smokers will not stop or listen to authorities denying them the right to smoke in privacy. I am not a smoker myself. I dislike smoking near me or anywhere in public (hello Switzerland, the smell of cigarettes in public places is really not good for your image). The ban on selling cigarettes is so stupid that you must wonder if confrontation is desired. I would not be surprised. Spare a thought too for those having to enforce stupid laws – read my biography, Mean Streets – Life in the Apartheid Police, on what happens then.

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