The negative influence of Social Media and Big Tech.

My wife, who is from a Jewish family, made a comment the other day, "We are all Jews now."

It was not meant to be and is not derogative to Jews. Anyone who read any of my books, our books (we wrote two together) and the dozens of books under my pseudo name, will know that I have no problem with Jews. In fact, my father was one since he had a Jewish mother. What my wife meant was that we are all being targetted whether we like it or not. We are now in the same situation as Jews were under Adolf Hitler, under threat, and we know how that ended in genocide inside concentration camps. And it started with rhetoric, a lot of hate coming towards a chosen scapegoat, a race of people in the same way (history is repeating) that Republicans and Democrats are going on since the days of Barack Obama. There is no middle ground but opposing views without any further consideration, a hardening of attitudes and an unwillingness to even hear the other side. This means, as Mr Eisenhower said, both parties (and supporters) are now in the gutter. It is a Hegelian Dialectic being played on the USA as well as in many other countries. And it is evil in design, it will rub people until blood is shed.

Interestingly, I heard a psychologist explain the other day that a huge part of the problem is social media where instantaneous decisions are made to "like" or "dislike" something. There is no talking or thinking about it, a click is made and again, the middle ground is destroyed. That is the outlook now, you "like" or you "don't like" and if it stayed at that it would not be a serious problem but we know it did not. Since last year, the gloves came off. If you now liked something that the "woke beasts" dislike, you can be de-platformed, fired from your job, and your business destroyed by baying mobs... that is RADICALISM, nothing less. That means that you are not open for debate or to different opinions which is a basic human right called freedom of speech and association. The logical result will be that no freedom will exist for any one to think or say anything outside the written script approved by who? By Big Tech? By Social Media wankers? Government? Yes, all of them and all of the suppression based upon human rights or what is known as "the common good" which is a concept wide open to abuse and of course, is abused.

What we also saw in Hitler's Germany is book banning and burning. When the Harry Potter author, JK Rowling, tweeted about women being women by birth, many disagreed and burned her books. But what is the difference between burning a book and suppressing it electronically? I have seen my books suppressed. When I advertised "Terrorist Takedown" on Bing, the Microsoft attempt of a search engine, the ad was flagged as "hate speech." It is not that the Bing Gestapo actually read it. They flagged it based upon the name. In fact, the book is about saving life by advising what to do when under a terrorist attack. Something which happens often enough these days. Fascinating also, to me, anyway, was that I concluded that far right-wing terror is a much bigger threat than Muslim radicalism. Many simply refused to believe me even if the evidence is clear. A report from the CATO Institute, a conservative think tank, said in 2014 already: “If the $75 billion expenditure is expected to reduce the risk… by 50%, those expenditures would need to deter, disrupt, or protect against…. 150 Boston-type attacks per year, 15 London-type attacks each year, or one 9/11-type attack about every three years.” With the increase of spending since then (Stimson Center estimate of $186 billion) the “expense of fighting terrorism only economically breaks even if it prevented 372 Boston marathon-type attacks each year, 38 London tube bombings per year, or a 9/11-type attack nearly every single year.” Clearly, the threat is overblown and it became a money-making exercise beyond anything ever seen before and it is breaking the US financially. Thus far the US spent $2.8 trillion on counter-terrorism, it is not worth it. Nor will the new US Patriot Act against "Domestic Terrorism" be worth it in the long run. Trust me, it will be used to suppress opposition views. And that is the problem when you start banning people off social media, changing algorithms to elect a president, and more, try to actively try to destroy another human physically by costing him his income. You are not passive anymore, you are hunting your enemies down with evil intent- You know are a radical as much as the fellow planting bombs. Don't then be surprised when that "enemy" takes up a rifle and start hunting you down... it is a very real possibility. In fact, it is logical, and it will have tragic consequences for all.

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