Updated: Jun 3, 2020

What we suspect is as frightening as what we are told

I hope that this is the last blog I would be bothered to write on the Coronavirus / COVID-19 Saga. Surely, as do you, I have better things to worry about than a virus that might get me or not and if it does I cannot care less. My faith in God is untouched by such nonsense. For those that live in fear, I feel sorry for you and hope you find your way to peace.

There comes a time when the hype gets boring. The last few weeks I counted the number of articles on the many news websites that I look at every day during breakfast (ranging from the East to the West to the South). The average was and is at writing about 80% to 90% hysterical coverage that has something to do with the virus. We heard from all sorts of experts who turned out to be wrong once again as they were in the past and will be in the future. Their predictions were way too dire (thank God). We have seen social behavior which is simply shocking. In New Zealand, a website to report curfew breakers crashed inside hours as the folks turned on each other. That was and is the case everywhere. Neighbor against neighbor. Even the usual level-headed British Bobbies are at their most obnoxious and not making any friends by being so. I predicted that neither Prince Charles nor Boris Johnson will actually die from COVID-19. I was proven correct. But even that is suspicious. Why would Johnson be kept in intensive care and not be on life support? Why was he even in the unit then? His presence denied someone else a bed. I find it very wrong that certain classes are treated differently than others but then again when was it ever different?

In a previous blog, I wrote how suddenly the entire European mobile services networks started reporting phone tracking and the silly denials how that is somehow not illegal, unsanctioned by any court, surveillance operations. In South Africa, long considered to be the experimental country (make your own deductions what I mean) by many intelligence analysts the imposed curfew is so draconian that you cannot buy cigarettes legally. I am also told that the police will monitor what you buy in the grocery shops and ask why. There are videos of the police drinking what they confiscated and behavior what comes down to police brutality. In the worst instances of abuse, the members were arrested. Whatever. Let the courts deal with each on merit. What concerns me most is that people are arrested for posting fake news on WhatsApp and Facebook or even forwarding what they might think is not fake news. The police also wish to arrest anyone hosting that page or group. A few were arrested for insulting the police minister, a politician. Take very good note of the above, it is coming to the rest of the world. The usual freedoms of speech are being overruled for the good of the majority or so they explain. Forgive me for being extremely skeptical and outright cynical. Freedom lost is almost never recovered in law.

There is something strange about the news which I pointed out in a blog under my pseudo name. Why is it that the news is so similar by having one subject for the week / weeks and always with no middle ground. It is always either far left or far right. The classic signs of a Hegelian Dialectic being played. I warned before of the above in several books. But where does the news come from? Not from roving journalists that conduct interviews & investigations although that happens too up to a point, but by far from a few unknown press agencies. Your news comes from three agencies are based in New York - American Associated Press (AP), London- Reuters and Paris - Agence France-Presse (AFP). AP alone reaches more than half of the world’s population every day because it is subscribed to by around 12,000 international media outlets. The Swiss Propaganda Research (SPR), an independent research group investigating geopolitical propaganda in Swiss and international media said about the Syrian Civil War: “A study of the Syria war coverage by nine leading European newspapers clearly illustrates these issues: 78% of all articles were based in whole or in part on agency reports, yet 0% on investigative research. Moreover, 82% of all opinion pieces and interviews were in favour of a US and NATO intervention, while propaganda was attributed exclusively to the opposite side.” ( You cannot trust mainstream media.

I would advise caution. Follow the new laws that are forced upon you as they will be enforced. Your neighbor will ensure that and if not him, then your phone company betraying every movement that you make. Stop worrying about the virus itself. The death rate figures, cross-checked against the usual (expected) deaths taking place every day without a virus, are not much more than usual. Frankly, the official figures make no sense and cannot make sense right now – it is too early. Then there is the mudslinging contest between the West vs Russia and China which is also getting boring to read about. We would think that if a serious threat exists that we would recall that we are all human beings and work together... but no, it is politics as usual, especially in the Trump White House. And I have a question for those wanting to sue China. Tell me, even if your idiotic claim is in your favor by your local courts, how will you make China pay your “damages?” How will you collect? It is ridiculous. As some will say, get a life!

Time will show us what the last five weeks will bring to the future... I have a fairly good notion of what is really behind this based entirely on my background but will keep it to myself for now. One thing is for sure, you may kiss your freedoms lost goodbye. And for those that died there is no return. It is tragic.

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