Updated: Jun 15, 2020

54% will be rejected on application - Colonialism in disguise?

There is a recent study out regarding US visas being issued. It makes for interesting reading. In total, 54% of applicants will be rejected out of hand. Of these, 55% of the rejected visa applicants are low income classified, 38% middle income, and 25% high income. The African country most denied is Nigeria. Only 33% of their applications will be granted. The Chinese are rejected 18% of the time and in Latin America / Caribbean – 32% will be denied or 68% will be given a visa which are better odds than what Africans face. From the reasons given it seems that what the US officials fear most is not terrorism after all. Rightly so, when last did an African tourist shoot an American dead right inside American military bases or anywhere else? Probably never. The terrorism is committed by mostly second-generation immigrants (virtually all legal arrivals) who do not agree with what America stands for. Their road to radicalism is easy to spot and abundantly filled with red flags that ought to warn those around them and do (see my book, Terrorist Takedown how the warnings are ignored because racism is feared more). Paradoxically, statistics show us that most newly arrived Africans do better than black Americans. They are much better educated, work hard, and most are grateful for an opportunity. So the visa anxiety is that the fellow will stay permanently in the US rather than leaving before his visa expires. That, it must be admitted, happens a lot and it happens in all countries that have something to offer. Anchor babies too but that is due to peculiar US laws that will never be scrapped. Therefore, it will be abused. When the visa application is denied, the visa fee, about $160 is kept by Uncle Sam. Countless hours are wasted standing in lines and getting obscure documents. Most embassies will not accept anything but originals. Or they insist that only the South African Foreign Affairs people can certify documents as true copies. Now that shows how naive they are. It is a joke, the people at Foreign Affairs are totally uninterested in what they certify. They merely rubberstamp. Yet, these documents are accepted. There is nothing wrong with the US refusing visas. Let me be clear, every country has the right to protect its borders and part of that is a visa being issued to what is seen as a threat. I have zero problems with it or my own entry refusal some years ago for reasons that are still not explained (I can think of many though). Is this discriminatory against black people or Africans? Yes, obviously. But such discrimination is allowed in law.

My question here is more radical. Why not do this to the Americans and Europeans? I mean, if I am to declare my grandparents’ details, my entire life details including financial, and answer one of the most stupid questions on an application form I ever saw” “Do you know how to make bombs?” then why not return the favor to them? Why not apply the same criteria to every European and American wanting to come to Africa? Make it as humiliating for them as they do to us. Let them stand in lines and obtain documents. My proposal is fully acceptable under international law. You can reciprocate. You should, in fact. See what Iran did after the US murdered General Soleimani. They struck back. The Pentagon and White House are still lying on the US casualty figures. So far, five times in a row they increased the casualties. And I bet you, they will keep on lying and Iranian proxies will keep on attacking them mercilessly. But then we all know that my proposal will never happen. The almighty Euro and Dollar are too much for Africa to have some pride and dignity when it comes to visas. “Tourism! We need tourists. So many people depend on tourists! We need the money!” That is what is shouted. Yes, but you don’t have a problem with child molesters transporting children through South Africa. Something which is widely known. When the law changed a few years ago to allow strict controls for children traveling to or through the country the Tourism Industry was up in arms shouting about a loss of profits. That did not happen, by the way, and yet enough pressure was applied to remove the law that saved countless children from being raped. Like the old and very silly argument, proven wrong in France and Russia, that a nation’s Royal Family brings tourists, it should be rejected. What is good for us should be good for them. End of story. Money will always be more important than honor. But you know what else? With that comes contempt from those that you refuse to take on. Some might even call this a continuation of Colonialism.

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