Yes, that is why the law exists

Many years ago, decades, a fellow arrived at farms in the Free State Province, South Africa. He was a good salesman and even better shyster who befriended the farmers and would pray with them before breakfast (a great tradition), and then say that he (of all people) has a gift from God to see underground water. Yes, he could, according to himself, see the water arteries with his very eyes.

As it happened there was a dreadful drought ongoing, this was during the depression years and a time of great hardship across the world. The farmer would naturally invite him to have a look for the water arteries. Which he did, refusing all payment, and leaving soon. A few days later his father, who looked not like him, would arrive with his borehole drilling equipment and ask if he could perhaps assist the farmer. And so, the province (like a State) was drilled like Swiss cheese without water being found once. An angry farmer sued to get his money back.

The first court rejected his claim stating that if he (the farmer, plaintiff) was that stupid to believe the water seeing story, then he deserved to lose his money. Ah yes, but then the next and higher court, said no, “even stupid people (and especially stupid people, I might add) must be protected by the law.” The shysters almost ended in jail for fraud and had to repay the money and costs.

Recently it came out that the Swiss Authorities were wrong (I am very polite, not calling them deceivers and liars) in stating that most of the Corona Panic infections came through night clubs and the hospitality industry. That was nonsense, the infection came out through families. Logically so, yes, you are infected and so will be your family next to you. That is why the Chinese method is to remove you to an isolated place and not to keep you locked down with your family where you will certainly infect them. With that went the entire reason behind the lockdowns in so many countries but of course, reason and logic play no role here, only fear and fearmongering do. And note that infection does not mean death, close to 98% will survive.

I am beginning to wonder if the stupid still need the law to protect them or do the lawmakers need it more? Let me explain, the US vaccine companies cannot by law be sued if something goes wrong (and it will). And you will not have any choice but to take that risk. Even Switzerland, authorities, are now suggesting mass vaccinations for all – soon it will be more than a mere suggestion - it will be law and if not law then in other ways. Yes, a "Corona Passport" without which you will not travel anywhere. So it is being enforced. It is like setting bail so high that the accused (note, accused, an innocent man until proven guilty) cannot pay it, and thus stays jailed. Yes, he had a bail hearing but the result was forced upon him in a legal abuse of law. Same story here. "No, you don’t need to vaccinate but if not, no seeing your grandchildren and you will be a social outcast to be abused online and physically by the holier than thou crowd." Of course, if safe, and needed, vaccinate. But if not... and no one can be held responsible... well, alarm bells should be ringing by now.

I ask, would I be wrong to say that those lawmakers that gave the vaccine companies a free run to commit mass murder whilst protected by the law are evil people? Or are they just stupid and need to be protected by the law? You decide. Because you will not be protected at all. The law just failed you.

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