The blame game during the Corona Panic

As a child, I developed a sense for history that became a love affair to this very day. I wrote dozens of books and every single one contains a large amount of history which is not to be found in the politically approved schoolbook stories. As the years went on, I developed a knack for linking dots and clearly seeing what others might not. This is useful in law and life. I always reach back into history to spot future trends. Allow me to link some dots here too.

Four decades ago, I spoke to a World War Two veteran, a man that won the Military Cross at Tobruk for leading his men out to safety after the disgraceful surrender. Especially interesting to me was his views on the different nations involved in the North African Theatre. The New Zealanders he considered to be the best infantry of all, shock infantry that will lead any attack and win. The Australians, lovable rogues that will fight even themselves if no one else is around (and there won’t be if wise). The Indian Army, as steadfast as can be with their many Gurkhas that will sneak up to you and cut your throat for fun. His own mob, the South Africans, something of all the above but hampered by bad top leadership. The man was the family black sheep as much as I am today. Unlike me, he admired the British Army for a can-do-f-this-let-us-meddle-through attitude with an utter belief that “all will be right at the end.” The Americans, much to my surprise, he rated low as fighting men, unable to hack it on an equal footing, but superbly equipped and unlimited enthusiasm for whatever they did. So different from the war-weary Brits and so needed.

It is my belief that people are getting weary of the Corona / Covid-19 policies which make no sense and seem like a power grab to me. Of course, the turd brigade (politicians, they float in what they talk) is not going to admit to any fault. They don’t have the personality to do so. It is fascinating to me that the same old Apartheid excuses are used today (almost certainly without knowing it). Where a government official says that the anti-Covid-19 protests are “foreign imported conspiracy theories” as happened recently in Switzerland, he lost the plot. Let me explain, the right to protest is a right that comes to every freeman willing to think for himself. Whether you agree with the protest view expressed is beside the point here. You may differ but you should never go as far as deny that free thinkers exist among your own people and that such ideas expressed are from a foreign source. That is denying the real cause of the problem and thus does not deal with the situation. It also is extremely patronizing, offensively so. It is a radically wrong way of thinking which I last saw in Apartheid South Africa where the same excuse was used – “it is not locals that are the problem” (damn right, the Apartheid laws were the problem) “but troublemakers from the outside.” That is the road to dictatorship behavior. Then it becomes a matter of denial and counter attacks based upon your own ideas, indoctrination, and thus denying debate and making changes, i.e. change the laws to something acceptable.

I doubt though if many turds are able to follow the above argument because you need to let your inflated ego go and get down to basics on why you were elected (based upon fake and false promises no doubt). And it is not only Switzerland but everywhere where economies are suffering major setbacks mostly without adequate state support. Yes, telling a business owner to make debt to pay for loss of income is just so much bullshit. Having debt is a national pastime in Switzerland but it is also inherently bad economics. It is a slavery of another form. Especially where the future is uncertain, and that uncertainty caused by panicked officials, with no end in sight, making debt is plain stupid. We see the same in Australia (I expected better from them) and the UK where a Minister wants the citizens to inform the police (who presumably have better things to do) of any and all lockdown breaches (of more than 6 people gathering). This is the kind of stuff that you used to see in totalitarian states like East Germany. Citizens are encouraged to spy on their own. Wow.

The Covid-19 Pandemic is now a moral issue as much as a medical one. This means that there will be those that believe it is your civic duty to be an obedient slave/robot and listen to what your betters (them) tell you to do even if it makes no sense and their own record is one of failure, panic, and over cautiousness. The two sides will not meet halfway either, that time is regretfully gone now. Attitudes are hardening. Yet it is new normal now. In history, and for once I hope that history repeats, the result of the war-weary voters was that Winston S Churchill was kicked out and a Labour Party government installed even where the war was won. Perhaps the next election will rid us of the panicked mob in high places and sanity returns. Until the next time, of course, and then history will repeat again.

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