The JKLS Hostage Prevention and Survival Briefing

I am often asked why the need exists...

"Well, where there is risk there is a need." That is the short answer backed by FBI statistics which are under-reported. Every year many hundreds of millions of dollars are paid out to have hostages released and this figure does not include piracy where the money is paid to have a captured ship, cargo, and crew, released. So the need is there.

Then there is a legal need. Should you send your employees into danger whilst knowing (or ought to have known) that a risk exists, and you do nothing but trust your luck, and something happens, you are in law negligent and thus liable. I am very surprised that company legal advisers and risk managers have no yet understood the above risk. And so we find more than 90% of companies not safeguarding themselves. When the incident happens they have no idea what to do and end up doing the wrong things. The lack of planning increases the danger to the hostage and the company exponentially.

Lastly, and most importantly, we are talking of human life here, a mom or dad. What can be more important? What loyalty is shown to those men and women who leave their families and travel to a distant country on company business? Very little, actually. Such questions will be asked after an incident. Your share price and reputation will be negatively affected if you come over as an uncaring Scrooge type of outfit.

It is fascinating to me that companies have money for "woke" training etc. but will not invest in their employees' safety. That is the wrong culture and the way to disaster. Anyway, I made a short video (3 minutes) on the JKLS Hostage Briefing where I answer some questions. You may want to watch it at And note that I cannot help you after the incident takes place, it will be too late. You will be on your own.

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