How long before it ends badly?

Not long, if you ask me. Across the world we now experience panicked governments (to put it lightly) making proclamations that masks must be worn when in public, or on public transport, inside shops, and basically across the board. And if not, you will be forced to do so. That is called fascism and has no place in so-called democratic societies. It seems that nothing is left of John Locke’s Social Contract between the State and Citizen. This is just the beginning. Step by step you will be subjected.

The confusion is great. There are many scientific reports stating the obvious, that masks have no or extremely little influence on the Covid-19 spreading. In fact, they are useless and initially were not recommended. They cause more damage than whatever good they do. This suddenly changed with just as many scientific reports stating that masks can now prevent spreading. You must wonder who is right here. You have to wonder how trained professionals can have views ranging from one end to the other. Or what their views are worth. Then you look at their models and predictions and find out they were wrong in their dire predictions of doom every time. Every single time they were wrong. Nevertheless, because the politicians are terrified of being accused of a lack of leadership and causing further deaths, they opted for the safe option by making people wear masks, lockdowns, and major spying on citizens. Yes, every intelligence agency now has to waste its time to track and trace carriers. By doing so, as I warned so many times, they accumulate data on you to be analyzed and kept somewhere. They are trying to spot patterns, link the dots, something I am very good at. I also know that once the data is gathered it is never destroyed and will be abused to your detriment. There is no trust required between you and your “elected” leaders. We know who and what they serve and to which secret societies they belong to.

It is for you to decide what you believe regarding the use of masks. Do some research. I also say, follow whatever laws are forced upon you. Personally, I think it is nonsense and an infraction of freedom which cannot be justified in law or on any other grounds. I also find the way it is done extremely stupid since any material can be used – there go the stated medical reasons – as long as something covers your face. And how many, pray tell me, even know how to wear a mask properly to be “effective?” Hmm? I counted four people on the public bus yesterday not covering their noses, only mouths. There goes your “protection” as it would when removing a mask to speak on the phone. What about men having a bushy mustache or a beard? Will that reduce the “effectiveness?” Yes, obviously. Why do you think that in history during the Falkland War, Royal Navy sailors had to shave closely to ensure a tighter fit of masks and hoods? Tell me why bus drivers, surely being exposed all the time, do not wear masks? Hmm? This is stupid. I get the feeling that the masks wearing orders are being done for the sake of something to be done which is as much as saying it is nonsense. What is worse is that people, sheeple, accept the nonsense as the “new normal” and are very quick to become morally superior when dissenters are spotted. God knows what they are superior about when following orders like a corpse would do. Yes, the same that we see in the Jesuit Oath: “I do further promise and declare, that I will have no opinion or will of my own, or any mental reservation whatever, even as a corpse or cadaver (perinde ac cadaver), but will unhesitatingly obey each and every command that I may receive from my superiors in the Militia of the Pope and of Jesus Christ.”

It is astonishing how freedoms are removed and no one or very few are standing up to protest. Pathetic actually.

Fines will now be introduced to enforce what is useless in concept. Therefore you must conform or have a criminal record. Wow. Is that abuse of state power or not? Of course it is. And for something that many scientists, eminent professionals, say does not work and is nonsense? Then you look at death figures, they are being hidden all of a sudden, yes, and you find out how few people are actually dying of the pandemic. And that anyone that had it and dies is classified as death due to Covid-19 even if 80 years old with advanced cancer. The Covid-19 cure, it seems to me, is designed to break economies. To cause immense job losses to bring forth massive hardship that will go over to violence soon. And then you will have a real problem. Wow. What a pathetic and shameful legacy to have to explain to the electorate one day.

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