Android’s tracking App, ostensibly for Covid-19, arrived unannounced

I have been warning against government surveillance for a while now. From experience, I know that once a right (to be not tracked without court oversight) is given up it stays given up no matter what you think. There are legal implications too when you voluntarily allow yourself to be tracked as you do when you sign up for the so-called Covid-19 Apps. Whereas evidence gathered illegally, unlawfully, by wiretaps unauthorized, or authorized wrongly, that gathered evidence cannot be used in a court of law against you. Right, this should be common sense but where you authorized your own tracking then that extra layer of protection is removed. It does not take advanced law degrees to understand the principle and that no one, and I mean no one, no institute, corporation, person, police, no one, can be trusted with such information. They will abuse it, end of argument. Always did, always will. Big Brother is watching and reporting.

Yesterday, I received a text message from a reader: “Google has loaded your phone with a new app to alert you and others of Covid-19 contact. See Google settings.”

And so I did and sure as hell, the app is there. And it is there without my permission or even knowledge. Now let us look at history for an example of underhand sneakiness: On June 18, 1940 (that was while the Battle of France was raging) Austrian-born Sir Henry Strakosch (a Jewish businessman) gave/donated Winston S Churchill 5,000 pounds. The new Prime Minister, I presume, was most grateful. He ought to have been. 5,000 pounds in 1940 is the same as 281,000 in 2020, a considerable amount of money. What is vastly suspicious is that the check was made out to a third party who in turn signed it over to the new Prime Minister. Why was the transaction done in this way? Why not just a direct deposit? The method used shows the intention to deceive which is plain wrong on many levels. It is said that the donor, Sir Henry Strakosch, did not ask for anything in return and the debt was kept secret for “obvious” reasons. That explanation does not make sense. No one gives that kind of money away without some obligation in the background even if left unsaid or rather, unwritten. Or, it is an award for something already done. At the very least it buys influence. It cannot be innocent and merely brushed over, as modern-day historians tend to do. See also George M James’s blog on Churchill. It makes for interesting reading. Honest people do not deceive, they conduct themselves in a way where no finger can be pointed.

Of course, the App (and it would be on Apple products too) is said to be non-intrusive and will not track you for sinister reasons. Yes, you still must be shamed into downloading the official government tracking apps. And you must take their word (OMG, let us laugh at this) that the information will not be abused once so obtained. I say again, trust no one with your movements. Your movements simply have nothing to do with anyone living outside a police state as is claimed by most Western countries. There is no reason ever invented or in existence, including this so-called Corona Virus Panic, good enough to say “yes” to surveillance. Don’t even consider it. The answer is an automatic “no” and "p off." Keep your Bluetooth as well as your Location switched off when not needed. Yes, they can still track you, obviously, the service providers are working with them and even admitting it. But they cannot use that in a court of law against you. And that is the major consideration here. Anything else is unacceptable.

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