This is what happens when burdens are placed upon men and women that have no Biblical origins

Curiously, it was not always a requirement for Catholic monks/priests as well as nuns to be celibate. There is nothing in the Holy Bible requiring that sacrifice which is contrary to human nature. In fact, prolonged celibacy is warned against by Paul, the Apostle. But at the Second Lateran Council held in 1139, the Church took the stand that celibacy should be encouraged voluntarily. By 1563, the Council of Trent affirmed the tradition of celibacy and so it has been ever since.

Tradition has nothing to do with the scriptures, remember that. It is not God’s will that you don’t have sex with your wife or husband. I suppose that the tradition has to do with their bizarre enchantment with Mary, the woman that gave birth to the baby Jesus. I met many Catholics that think that they are married to her and only her. Thus to them, Mary is the forever virgin even if she had several children after Jesus was born. Or, if female, then to Jesus and only Jesus Christ. Jesus, well He is also God, there is no way that He will marry an earthling. So this was doomed from the start. A misguided attempt to please God. But God, it is written, can only be pleased by keeping his laws, the Ten Commandments. Something which modern legal systems in the form of human rights have destroyed almost completely and you dare not even mention them.

Very quickly the idea of nuns having forbidden sex became the stuff of legends. But also based upon salacious rumors and many facts. Richard Sipe was a Benedictine monk for 18 years before he left to marry a former nun, Marianne, with whom he had a son (after wedlock). He wrote many books, but Sex, Priests and Secret Codes, co-authored with Thomas P Doyle and Patrick J Wall, is of interest on this subject. This book interviewed 1,500 priests about their sexual conduct between 1960-1985. It came out that 6% were involved with minors under 13 years of age – which is pedophile behavior. This is more than double the average number usually expected in a large organization. You could then deduct that they actively join the church to escape the consequences of their dirty and sick minds. 20-25% of monks/priests were having sex with adult women – or “normal” sex even if this term is probably politically incorrect these days. Although many of these women were married, almost all were members of the priest’s congregation. It is not a new trend at all. Every now and then in France, a house is refurbished. The floorboards are removed and the long-forgotten sexual escapades discovered, written under the floorboards by a cheated-on husband. About 15% of the priests were in consensual homosexual relationships outlawed by the Church. Obviously, all this was widely covered up and denied even where the evidence clearly showed the pattern of deceit. Other studies confirmed the research. Up to this day no study has ever claimed that more than 50% of Roman Catholic clergy at any one time are practicing celibacy. It is a myth. It is not sustainable.

Richard Sipe, it must be noted, knew what he was writing about. He was “an American Certified Clinical Mental Health Counsellor trained specifically to deal with the mental health problems of Roman Catholic priests. He practiced psychotherapy, taught on the faculties of major Catholic Seminaries and colleges, lectured in medical schools, and served as a consultant and expert witness in both civil and criminal cases involving the sexual abuse of minors by Catholic priests...” He died in 2018 at the age of 86 years.

So how does the Catholic Church conceal their crimes against children? What happens to these pedophiles? Easy, the accused monks/priests are moved around to mostly poor areas across the world where they simply carry on with the abuse. They are seldom punished no matter what is read in the newspapers. By far most get away with their disgusting behavior. As is human nature, God is then blamed for their wrongdoing. Whatever good work the rest do is dismissed automatically. That is what happens when any type of cover-up is exposed. The only way out is to mercilessly stamp this out and allow marriages. We know that this will never happen, sadly so. The tradition is too strong.

Taken from the forthcoming book “Where Does It End? A historical novel on the Jewish Army helping trapped Jews escape from Occupied France, 1943, written together with my wife, Rebecca.

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