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It does not matter where you stand on the Pandemic / Panic issue or what you think of wearing masks that may or may not be of much use to protect yourself and others from a disease that kills almost no one, less than 2% at the very very worst. It is immaterial to what the law says wherever you are since you have to and must obey the law or face the consequences. Until such time that the existing laws are challenged and overturned in court you are subjected to the law even if stupid and panicked and in no way even logical.

Times will never be normal again. Understand that no politician, the famous “turds” in my books since they “float in what they talk and are smelly and slimy,” will ever admit mistakes. They will explain how they saved many more by acting decisively and of course with “science on their side.” The results, the devastated economies, well, so what? They don’t care, never did care, and will not care in the future. I find anyone with stated confidence in government, anywhere in the world, and especially the First World, rather naïve as a person and can only pray that he or she wakes up to reality without too much pain. After all did not Ronald Reagan say, “The nine most terrifying words in the English language are ‘I'm from the government, and I'm here to help.’’ Yes, he said that in 1986. Before him, Senator Edmund D. Muskie said so in February 1976.

So I am asked by clients if a government can force you to be inoculated? The answer is yes, they can. Most governments have such laws in place and it is for the “greater good of everyone else.” Whether it is or not better for you is besides the point. The fact is that legally you can be forced to be inoculated with something that might kill you and if in the USA you have no claim for compensation against the manufacturer. For the last bit, thank your local Congressman. The example here is Typhus Mary and where kids are involved, blood transfusions against the will of the parents. However, both typhus and the need for blood transfusions are for serious medical conditions. Nevertheless, based upon them, you can be forced to be vaccinated.

Well, that sucks. But will it be done?

Yes. Of course it will be done. Let me predict how:

First, they will play the “It is the right thing to do” card. An emotional appeal and show you who else got the vaccination already. So they create feelings of guilt, anxiety, and depression. Be assured that your neighbors will spy and report on you. Be assured that most citizens will feel so strongly (it is selfishness because it is only about them no matter what they say) that they will become physical if you dare to refuse. Yes, you will be a social outcast and condemned as a potential murderer.

Secondly, the indirect method by not allowing freedom of movement without a “COVID Passport” that proves that you have had the vaccine. It might go as far as to specify which one (from which country). This is not uncommon in law. In many countries, unless you have a valid “Yellow Fever Certificate” you will not be allowed in. We can understand this, yellow fever is actually dangerous, a real killer disease.

Thirdly, the red tape. Before you board even a local flight your temperature is taken. That happens in Muslim countries before culprits are flogged in public – the display of concern for the victims is noted (sarcastic). You will wear a mask on flights and you will wash your hands all the time. If not, no flight. You must then rent a sailing boat and sail across the oceans to where you wish to be. Thus, it will be so hard that you will submit for practical reasons.

Fourthly, at some stage, the laws will be enforced. Yes, you will be grabbed inside your house by the police and vaccinated by Sister Evil. Or you will be kept in an isolated jail forever until you submit. Or, or perhaps, “and” be fined a daily penalty for every day that you refuse to submit. Within weeks your savings will be gone and you will have a criminal record.

Should you combine all the above, as you should, you might understand why it is virtually impossible to refuse the vaccination offer. And by the way, you will buy that inoculation, it will not be given to you free of charge. Welcome to the new reality.

And on a lighter note: The three most unbelieved statements in the world are:

1) The check is in the mail;

2) Of course, I'll love you in the morning like I do tonight, and

3) I'm from the government and I'm here to help you.

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