Updated: Jun 3, 2020

So, we are going through the "Coronavirus Panic" in Western Europe. It finally came home. This morning, 14 March 2020, at least one grocery shop in Lausanne had to close its doors to prevent hoarding and panic buying. I have the pictures of the empty racks in case some want to disbelieve me. And I must say, God knows what they will do when the “big bad Russians” come for them. Of course, there is no chance of that happening. Why should it? Switzerland is not worth conquering – see my friend George M James’s blog True also, you take that claim of neutrality at face value only. Or read my wife's new book, I wrote parts of it, When Does It End? and wake up up to reality.

Decades ago a police chaplain informed me that a believer cannot be threatened with death. It is true. There is nothing to fear since you know exactly what will happen to you after death. A proper study of the Bible will dispel all fears. Therefore, this scare, as they say, is not my scare. I don’t care and find the scare amusing. But what bothers me is the lack of leadership. It is vastly interesting that a politician rarely has any leadership abilities. He can talk nonsense to get elected - yes, very much so, but when he should stand up and deliver... silence. It is pathetic. What is even more ironical to me that those Europeans that left for the New World (USA, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Canada) are physically bigger than those that stayed. They also had a cause, a desire to improve themselves. History shows that they did very well in every aspect of life. In many spheres, they lead the world. Certainly, their lifestyle is ten times higher than anything in Western Europe. You simply need to look at the size of the shops to know who is retarded. Yet, the “Colonials” are looked down upon as being somehow inferior to those that had not the guts to leave with them. The countries I just mentioned, South Africa excluded for the time being, sadly so, would be seen as not only First World but had to assist the Old World when they got into their silly wars that solved nothing. I suppose the lesson here is as always. Let us be judged after being tested first. I am never impressed with titles, ranks, or sheer numbers by which I include money. I want to see the reaction when tested in life, combat, wherever. Don’t tell me how superior your army is, show me their victories which better not be 200 years ago, if any. Thus far I saw nothing in terms of Swiss leadership that is impressive or worthy of mentioning. What I see is citizens concerned. Some are outright panicked because of the lack of leadership coming from the so-called superior people with the titles that they got by spouting nonsense. Join me in a heartfelt LOC (Laugh Out Contemptuously) and then let us get serious. Let us take care of ourselves. There is no need to panic.

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