Capital Hill Police Officer Brian Sicknick was not murdered by Trump supporters.

I wrote a blog on the death of Officer Brian Sicknick a while ago – see To summarize, the man was on duty during the so-called “January 6 Insurrection” where members of Congress wet their pants in fright when citizens broke into Capital Hill to protest what they saw as election fraud. It was, as I said so many times, not an insurrection, not armed, and the only deaths were on the side of the protestors. In fact, a female USAF vet was shot dead by an unknown policeman who will not be charged with any wrongdoing. In my view, based upon three decades of police enforcement and legal experience, he definitely should have faced murder charges but anyway, that was the decision, let due process take its course to whatever end.

The death of Sicknick was widely proclaimed by the usual liars, US mainstream media, as being murder. They stated with their usual lack of credible sources that he was murdered, bludgeoned to death by the rioters even though it was not even a genuine riot. Nothing got burned down and quite peaceful to what happens when BLM and the rest go on the rampage. Nevertheless, it should not have happened, but again, let due process takes its course. The other claim was that the police officer was sprayed with a chemical that caused his death. Whatever, just fake news and political theatre causing enormous harm. Sicknick’s death was immediately politized. He even lay in state whilst “shocked” and “outraged” politicians and others, mainstream commentators, liars/journalists, made highly inappropriate claims fuelling hatred. I quoted some of the nonsense in my previous blog if interested.

Now it came out that Sicknick died of natural causes. “Francisco J. Diaz, the medical examiner, said the autopsy found no evidence the 42-year-old officer suffered an allergic reaction to chemical irritants, which Diaz said would have caused Sicknick’s throat to quickly seize. Sicknick suffered two strokes at the base of the brain stem caused by a clot in an artery that supplies blood to that area of the body. Diaz also said there was no evidence of internal or external injuries….” The Washington Post, according to an interview with Diaz.

This lie of an insurrection and murder of a police officer is now refuted. The entire "armed and violent insurrection" narrative falls away as the nonsense it was and is. What remains is scared witless politicians running for cover unable to even man up enough to face the crowds to calm them down. And of course, to apologise for their lies and propaganda which will never happen.

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