Updated: Jun 3, 2020

There is no such thing as trust when it comes to surveillance

It is reported in the news that more than one million Australians signed up for a government tracking App within hours of it becoming available for download. I have no doubt that many more millions will sign up soon. As I understand the process, this App will activate your phone’s Bluetooth and connect with others around you. Should this person sitting close to you be listed as a COVID-19 patient then you will be warned that you were close to one. What then? F knows. For the App to work properly and save lives, so says the Australian Prime Minister, at least 40% of Australians must sign up. Okay, “must” here does not mean being forced to do so officially, it is all voluntarily, of course. It is your civic duty, no less. And, only “Health Authorities” will be able to access the data so collected. Therefore, by downloading this App you are doing your bit for your country, your Queen (if you are in a country recognizing the old Parasite) and the State (not God, as the slogan usually goes).

Now if you believe that the collected data will not be abused by those in authority I have an old bridge to sell you in San Francisco besides the peculiar steel tower in Paris. The official assurances are just so much nonsense (I was tempted to use a much stronger word that is usually associated with bodily functions) and worth as much too. Data once collected is kept forever no matter what assurances are given. And it is ALWAYS abused by the police and intelligence people. Ask me, I come from that world. I know what is done and how the data is scanned with something like MEMEX – I even wrote a book on it to explain the system (under my pseudo name). And guess what, this type of App is coming to your country too no matter where you are.

My advice, and let me put this in the appropriate patriotic government type phrases, is: “Dear Citizen, for your own good and that of your fellow citizens, I would ask you to absolutely never ever allow yourself to be tracked by your authorities for any reason outside that what is allowed by your courts. If they need to track you, then first get a court order to do so.”

It is ridiculous in law to allow tracking of any kind without a court first approving the tracking. And since the authorities cannot get such a court order they track you either in secret (as do all intelligence agencies anywhere, even Switzerland), or, they get your permission to track you. This is exactly what the App will do. It will track your every movement and report it. Your authorities cannot and will not stay true to their promises which they mean as much as the bridge that I don't actually have to sell you. They are known liars and deceivers. I ask, what does it benefit you to know that some fellow had the illness and was within six feet of you for more than 15 minutes? What will you do then? Run to the hospital before even ill and waste ER time? What? So what is the reason for this App besides tracking citizens? There is none. It does not benefit you. It only benefits them.

Do yourself a favor and read what rights you sign away when you download any App from Google Store (Google Play) or iStore. I drafted many T&C myself, trust me, you have zero rights left and no real chance of suing successfully either. But that is mostly for commercial gain and somewhat understandable. This is not. This is mass State surveillance being enforced in unscrupulous ways by abusing an uncalled-for panic about something not worth panicking about in a way which rapes, yes rape, your human rights. For myself, like hell I will download such an App. And if installed anyway as is threatened by Android (and iPhone) manufacturers in numerous press reports, the phone will stay inside a microwave from where it cannot be tracked. I will never agree to voluntarily tracking or advise you to do so either.

You know why not? Because these things are done in steps. Slowly but surely. Today it is tracking. Tomorrow is building a complete profile of you. And one night in the near future you wake up and the local Gestapo all over you. What then? Who will protect you from your ”protectors?” Your politicians? Your courts? Your human rights protecting you from State abuse? Who?

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