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All the way. That is the evil of monopolies.

We all know by now that a sitting US President, Donald J Trump was blocked, suppressed, and finally removed from Twitter and once Twitter got away with that act of arrogance the rest followed one by one. Google and Apple removed Parler from their stores and Google then refused to host the WhatsApp alternative based upon vague "hate speech" allegations which I assure you, happens on Google's platforms too.

The Russian Messenger App, Telegram, gained 100 million new users within a month of US Big Tech fledging its muscles. WhatsApp then changed its terms of conditions to basically taking ownership of whatever you have on their App. When users left by the millions, suddenly, they backtracked but their terms and conditions did not change one bit. Theoretically, they can listen in on your conversation and steal your business ideas, pictures, and your contacts as they please. The only reason why I am on WhatsApp still is to be in contact with my elderly mother. And Facebook I left more than a year ago when they banned my page for daring to criticize the murder on Iranian General Soleimani by a US drone strike - and by doing so did enormous damage to the war on terror. Not that it matters, the US lost that war fourteen years ago and every death since then a waste of time.

With Donald J Trump, as soon as he left office and Joe Biden arrived under the protection of 26,999 NG soldiers that really looked Mickey Mouse and unable to make war, Social Media and Big Tech clamped down on thousands of accounts, again, suppressing freedom of speech. Now there is a difference between freedom of speech and hate speech and the line is far from each other. Yet, this was not about hate speech at all but simply denying anyone with opposing views a chance to state them in the same way as what the other guy is stating them. That is totally against the rules of justice where you want a neutral judge and the ability to hear both sides before deciding. So this will get much worse and once unleashed will not be held back either. Power corrupts and these are corrupted companies that started playing political games. And it is not only on political matters now but also on alternative views on the Corona Panic.

It is vastly interesting how you only hear one side - that masks work (yet many medical people say otherwise including the CDC and WHO at one stage), that vaccines are safe (even where they were hastened into production and many got the Corona anyhow besides those that had severe negative effects) and so it goes on. This is not healthy, this is not even lawful as is the clamping down on anti-vaccination/masks protests that we are seeing. It seems to me that the ONLY answer governments have is to clamp down and carry on with the economic insanity of lockdowns (also not proven to work). Who will pay for all these grants being thrown to the corporations and masses? You will, that is a debt being created that will cause an economic meltdown of epic proportions. Yet, it carries on merrily. Oh, but you should not say so because big brother is watching and big brother can do something to you... what a sick society we live in today. Europe and the USA are now police states and it will get worse. And yes, if you are so weak that you cannot bear to hear the other side you are automatically on the wrong path.

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