Racism is in the eye of the beholder

Political correctness is an evil concept when taken too far. Almost everything is when without limits based upon common agreement also known as decency. We live in weird times where the so-called free world has reached a stage where people are afraid to say who they will vote for. They dare not. Or to speak their minds because they might lose their jobs and income and be viciously attacked on social media until they are deprived of an honest livelihood. It is so ridiculous that those that are so easily offended now want chess pieces to be something else than the traditional white and black. Or that the white chess piece may not start the game even if it was like that for hundreds of years. It is plain stupid to think that a game that originated in the Arab (non-white) world would be racist. Yet that is what is being said. The way that journalists write is heavily subjected to guidelines. One of the most influential guidelines is that of Associated Press. And Associated Press is now writing “Black” with a capital B but “white” without to show support to people of color. Fine, but where does that leave whites? Where is the equality? Is this unfair to white people or not? Many will say yes, but not too loudly, of course not. The silliness goes even further. Now the English language must be “decolonized” and spelled in a fashion that does not agree with the accepted norms because that is discrimination. With that goes the standards down the toilet. Now it cannot be measured because there is no law. Without law there cannot be a transgression. It is an easy argument to follow, I would say. Take away the law and you are free to be an anarchist. The list of proposed and introduced changes goes on and on and on and it will lead to racial hatred. Note I said “hatred” as this is far beyond normal behavior. When people are afraid to speak up they have no release valve, they will explode at some stage in the future. It is unhealthy.

We first experienced this type of thing in the 1990s in South Africa where suddenly a wanted fugitive would not be described properly on the news. So the police would not know if he is black or white, a rather important classification done for good and understandable reasons. But no, that could not be tolerated because it is discrimination. It is so much worse now that it seems to me that the world is obsessed with race. So much so that it influences everything in the way we dress, speak, think, and do things. And it is unnecessary. Should the law be equal to all then the above will not be accepted. It does not matter if a rioter is white or black, what matters is that he is breaking the law. There is nothing more annoying to humans than to be treated differently because of heritage or social standing. That is the one point designed to create disharmony and anger. What is good for one ought to be good for the other. Yet, it is not.

You cannot force someone to like or love you. This lesson is learned at a young age by most adults and accepted. Some people will not think that you are cute or like you much. Neither can you change your race or skin color, that should be logical too. You had no say in what and where you were born. It is the luck of the sperm. If born in a First World country you have more chances, end of debate. You cannot legislate wealth equally. Something that politicians and socialists just don’t get. The rich and the poor will always be with us. What you can do is to create equal opportunities for all. Treat everyone the same. This does not imply discriminating against another to assist yourself. Of course, in the “woke” and “cancel” times we live in, not much of the above will make sense to those that feel aggrieved. But perhaps it is time to sit back and take a broader view of life. To accept that we are different. After all, there is strength in diversity, much more than robot-like monotony.

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