Updated: Nov 8, 2020

A great human rights advocate passed (4 November 1927 – 9 September 2020)

I met George Bizos a few times. For those that do not recognize the name, he was in life one of the few lawyers willing to act for those considered to be terrorists by the Apartheid Government. As such he became the face of the defense counsel in the famous trials including Mr Mandela’s Rivonia Trial.

I heard of a tale about George Bizos which is of interest in the times that we live in. Seemingly, he was cornered in the halls of the Witwatersrand High Court by a very senior opposing lawyer working for the State. The two, it might be said, had a contentious relationship fermented by decades of trial battles. The State Advocate lost no time to go on the attack: “George, how many times have we faced each other in court? And how many times did you win? Let me tell you, almost never! You lost almost every case that you took on.” The great George Bizos had no reply to give.

Now you have to feel for George Bizos since no one can win against a system where the laws are clear and applied even if against human rights and decency. The South African courts, as I say in many books, were very fair in the sense that both parties had the right to speak and testify but the outcome was in a sense pre-determined by the laws of the day. It reflects not badly on George Bizos but the system which was stacked against him and his clients. This brings me to today where we see politicians, the notorious “turds” as I call them (they smell and float in what they talk/promise), promulgating harsher and harsher lockdown laws.

The law, I say so in many books, is neutral and can be twisted to your advantage (see Your Worst Enemy). Thus, if you have a law that says that a man cannot be employed because he is white (yes, Affirmative Action) he will not be employed and cannot be. That it may be unfair is acknowledged (for many reasons) but the result is the same. He stays unemployed. Thus, if you have laws to ban people from their freedom of movement and making them wear a mask and getting inoculated as is happening today, that will happen and will be enforced. Then it is no use to blame the police or the lawyers unable to save you. The buck stops at every Member of Parliament (or Congress, whatever, the same disgusting breed of people) that enabled the law in the first place. Blame them, those that created the system. Don’t blame the legal profession or policemen. Go to the root of the problem.

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