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Dumping Trump is against the principles of free speech.

I noticed many that are very happy with the banning of Donald J Trump and others from social media. These people, cheering, gleefully, have no idea what was just done – the oppression of freedom of speech. And it will have major negative consequences in the future. Once done, and gotten away with. as happened, it will be done again and again and again until only one view will prevail, the approved one.

In fact, we are already there.

I had through the years my own run-ins with Big Tech. Some years ago I was chatting with my wife on Messenger and suddenly, without warning, the messages were intercepted and flagged for no known reason. We are adults, responsible, and in no way even discussing politics, terrorism, or something of a sexual nature. May I say that I uninstalled Facebook Messenger everywhere, told all my friends, and never will allow any Zuckerberg product close to me unless needed for business but I will not use it to contact anyone. The same happened with the dozens of books I wrote under a pseudo name. Suddenly Facebook banned my page. No reasons were given, the usual arrogant red tape, and then graciously unbanned it. Looking back, it was because I dared to criticize the 2020 Soleimani murder as did so many millions of others. Before that, Facebook refused to run an ad on how to spot date rape and treat it. Yet, that book, it is inside the story in it, saved many women from sexual assault. Amazon, by the way, the same story, it once removed a passage in one of my books that made Barack Obama look rather silly and yet, the incident happened and was entirely factually correct and of public need importance. Legally, you have no right to change a manuscript, you can refuse to publish, yes, but not change. With WhatsApp, yet another Zuckerberg company, now taking all your data legally, I moved to Telegram and so did 25 million others in three days. And should Telegram become the same, I will move again, and so should you. And I don’t have to say that I have zero presence on any Zuckerberg company and I feel good about it.

But it gets worse. Powell's City of Books in Portland, one of the world’s largest independent bookstores, had to remove a book from their stores yesterday because ANTIFA did not like it. Yes, written by a journalist, it exposed them or so he says, and so they threatened until the company folded. Why not just burn the book as Hitler did? After the 6 January, 2021 Capitol Hill invasion and note it was not a coup attempt or insurrection, not by law or nature, more books written by conservatives were banned by publishers folding to the woke crowd. Donald J Trump was removed from Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. No doubt more platforms will follow and no doubt that his supporters will move to new platforms, even create their own. And they will not stop talking to each other anyway, so there is your first of many home goals. Behind this, of course, was and is the manipulation of search engines of which the evidence is so overwhelming and damning that I don’t even need to give the evidence. Then there are the news articles upon which you are not allowed to comment, and they all have to do with vaccination, Corona Panic, and lockdowns. No discussion, no alternative views.

So what does this mean, where do we stand today? Simply the following: If you dare to think for yourself (that is called a Heretic, by the way) or state your views which are not in accordance to what is prescribed, you will be banned, suppressed, and removed online as well as in paper. Your business will be targeted as well as your employer to break you financially. As always, human rights will be used as justification and mostly wrongly. An opposing view is not necessarily “hate speech,” remember that. This banning happened and will happen again in the future. Do you call that democracy or a police state? I know what I think and so do millions of others. This was no victory at all, this is the road to dictatorship. Those cheering now will one day cry in anguish but then it will be too late. Having opposing views is healthy, it stimulates debate and releases the pressure that may explode into violence if not.

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