Updated: Jun 3, 2020

​“When written in Chinese, the word 'crisis' is composed of two characters. One represents danger and the other represents opportunity.” John F. Kennedy

I would not know if the late president is accurate in his quote or not but it makes sense to me. A funny thing about law is that you seldom deal with happiness. I mean, you never go to a law office to simply chat but because you are either in trouble or anticipate trouble along the way. Even when engaged and to be married happily ever after, the lawyer will ask about divorce, death, and draft a sound antenuptial agreement at vast cost. Therefore, I found that the motherly mature woman makes a much better front face than a young pretty one. Of course, it is only my opinion and both are capable. But I do know for whom men call when death approaches, their mom, their wife, and or God.

With Coronavirus / COVID-19 raging around us it would be fair to state that it is not business as normal. We are in trying times and what makes it worse is when people simply refuse to work with those trying to save them. Hoarding, coughing in public without any attempt to cover your mouth / nose etc and much more is happening. In my hostage prevention & survival briefing, I talk about what happens during a rescue attempt. There is a video on my website where I explain what will happen to you, rightly so, if you don’t follow orders. You will be made to comply, let me leave it at that, you know what I mean.

It sickens me to see history repeating. The veneer of civilization is very thin. Once again we have crooked people trying to sell items at vastly inflated prices. Once again we see selfishness everywhere, in every country, and among all races and education levels. People that cannot be shamed into following the rules designed to save everyone. And once again we see the blame game instead of leadership from our so-called elected leaders. So they are exposed as what they are. Yet, we have to live with them and carry on. This is a time to come together and let the best inside each one of us come to the fore. That is how you survive any crisis. You stand up and be counted upon. This can be your finest hour. You know what, let this be your finest hour.

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