LOL, did I not warn you that will happen? Will you listen now? Of course not.

Let me start by stating that I will never trust the “good intentions” of government since I simply do not believe in their so-called good intentions. It is a proven myth exposed through the years with numerous legal cases as well as bloody revolutions. As far as I am concerned, no trust between government and citizen is required even if sort of expected by the weaker-minded amongst us. That type of outlook makes you a trusting soul and we know what happens to those that act on trust. You lose your money or life soon after. If this was not so, why bother having lawyers and contracts? Just a simple example but think about it and how often ridiculousness comes from government (taxes, silly rules, vast numbers of regulations, enough said).

Yes, perhaps because I am from Africa and found out at the age of 23 that everything we once believed as gospel was lies. By then I had been fighting communism for five long years and was already 65 years old mentally. After that shock, and it was one hell of a shock, I had to witness out of control rampant fraud, thievery better described as grand larceny that broke a country’s economy, click-to-pay scams, and outright incompetents appointed by the ruling party as a reward for spouting hatred against fellow citizens. You may ask if it is different where you are, say Western Europe, USA, Australia, wherever. Nope. It is not. The shenanigans are merely more sophisticated. Human beings are the same across the world. Same DNA, same monkey business, same crimes, same greed by the same breed, the same old lies. Should you still feel the need to trust those hiding behind their security guards (why, if so wonderful) I will pray that you are never disillusioned. For the rest of us, well, once again the distrust was proven correct and a necessity in life.

It now came out, you can research this online, that the Australian intelligence agencies got hold of private data taken from the official Australian COVIDSafe app which all were assured were safe from such interference. The Aussies were stupid enough to download it on trust despite warnings that it will be abused and now it was abused. I am not the least surprised. Of course, now it is whitewashed and covered up: The Inspector-General of Intelligence and Security (IGIS) speaking on 23 November 2020: “There is no evidence that any agency within IGIS jurisdiction has decrypted, accessed or used any COVID app data.” The IGIS went on to say that further inspections will be done blah blah blah. It was even legal to grab the data under Australian laws. Allow me to say that you are very quick to point fingers at China, Russia, developing countries in Africa and elsewhere for the above type of scenarios whilst back home at the ranch… yeah, same old same. You are no better but much better is expected from you...

That app cost the Australian taxpayer $70 million which is way too expensive, 10,000 times too expensive. Do you know how many cases it detected since then? 17. Yes, seventeen. No zeros to be added. A failure in every possible sense and that is government for you summarised. I will, or might, in a future blog record the taxpayer money stolen, abused, and misused in all countries since dealing with the pandemic. It makes for entirely predictable if very sad reading. Yes, as sad and ridiculous, looking back, at the COVIDSafe app promotion when it was first forced (by being a good boy/citizen arguments) upon the trusting Australian public: “COVIDSafe is the only contact app approved by the Australian Government. State and territory health officials can only access app information if someone tests positive and agrees to the information in their phone being uploaded.”

Ah, but did you not realise something is wrong when you had to upload personal data like name, age, phone number, and postal codes? And did you not then sign away your rights to privacy at the same time as I warned you will do? Allow me to smirk privately and at the same time feel sorry for the broken trust that was exposed in all its ugliness. You may expect the same from every tracing app in existence. Same old same lies. Welcome to reality. No trust is required.

Let us keep safe.

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