And no ammunition or long rifles to buy

What does this mean? I read an article today, and many readers/friends agree, that the US gun stores are virtually sold out in terms of ammunition, assault rifle types, and now the gun ranges are packed to capacity. In fact, you cannot get a spot on the range unless someone cancels. Everyone is out arming themselves and training for the worse. This is not by chance. What does this mean? Alarm bells ought to go off now. Simply, there is an utter lack of faith in the ability of law enforcement to keep Americans safe. The trust is lost and once lost normally it can be considered gone forever. At best a complete breakdown of law and order is expected and being prepared for. At worst, a revolution or counter-revolution is expected and being prepared for. I have no doubts who will in in a shooting war and it is not the USA. It will be worse than Syria or Afghanistan or whatever other war-torn countries you can mention. Nobody wants that, least of all me. However, being prepared is not a bad thing.

I made a short video clip on the “Secrets of Tactical Shooting.” You may find the video on my bonus page at or directly at YouTube - for those interested. It is during times like these that we need to share knowledge. I cover subjects of interest, law, shooting, and what not to do if you wish to survive.

You might also enjoy the “Practical Security Advice” video clips at They are worth looking at. Or read my books, Terrorist Takedown, and, Safety Net.

Of course, I hope you have no need. I hope for common sense and decency to return across the world. Violence is not a legal letter, it is always a regrettable act with fatal consequences at times. Let us not be rash in behavior. I wish us all a peaceful existence. Yet, I expect violence a plenty.

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