Yes, the Russians have the first officially approved anti-Covid-19 vaccine

Well, it was bound to happen that a country will break through and create an anti-Covid-19 vaccine. Russian Health Minister Mikhail Murashko: “Today, quality control tests are underway. Within two weeks, the first batch of the drug will be released and will be delivered for (the vaccination of) medics in health risk groups. The vaccination will be voluntary for everybody.”

Russia can manufacture 500 million doses of the vaccine known as Sputnik V every year. The country will run further clinical trials in the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, and the Philippines. Already more than 20 countries want to buy the Sputnik V – a billion doses. And there are serious talks of setting up manufacturing outside Russia. Vladimir Putin’s daughter was vaccinated, apart from a little fever she is good and doing well. That shows confidence.

So how did the West react to the above? Ah, the skeptics are out. They just will not belief it and will not use it either even if death comes for them (or perhaps then, we will see). It is purely negative reporting. My word, it is the Cold War all over again. But let us look at the facts. On the one hand we have a country claiming that they have the solution and will spread the good news around without fear or favor to assist those in need. On the other we have a country that robbed all the face masks, PPE, and ventilators as well as very dubious medicines that it could. Yes, even from supposed comrades like France.

We have a country whose military arrived in Italy, on request, to assist when the pandemic was at its worst. The other country did nothing similar. Nor did the “mighty” NATO, nothing.

One country enabled laws to protect the vaccine manufacturers against civil claims if something goes wrong. And they will charge enormously inflated prices. The other did not do that but said all can have the vaccine no matter if rich or poor. To show that it works the vaccine was tested it on those that created it as well as its President’s daughter. This shows enormous confidence.

Is it to be wondered at that the Russian Health Minister dismissed the skeptics with a sarcastic comment: “Foreign colleagues, who, apparently, felt a certain competition, saw the advantages of the Russian drug, are now trying to express some opinions, which, in our view, are absolutely baseless.”

I am sure that we are going to find out who is right and who is wrong but for now the Russians won the admiration and gratitude of many nations. It is a clear and utter victory over the West but let me predict that the Western mainstream media will only focus on the negative aspects and nothing positive. The more US citizens die the easier it will be, so they think, to defeat Donald J Trump. Be assured that every dirty trick will be used and every dirty card will be played. It is sad to witness the insanity. Perhaps that is what the virus should be called, insanity.

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