Or legal negligence is assured.

I am often asked why a company should invest in a hostage prevention and survival briefing. After all, it is a topic which is not usually raised over dinner, I would hope. The answer comes down to legal negligence where there is a duty on you to ensure that your workers are safe, a duty of care. I always use the example of a building site where it is demanded by law that the builders wear protective gear. Should they not do so and be injured, you might have a claim for damages against you besides criminal negligence. As is, I am astonished that no kidnappee or his family sued his company yet if sent to a kidnapping hotspot (the entire African continent, Middle East, and South America) without being protected.

Yet despite the obvious and overt threat, as well as the legal risk, and viciously bad public relations, I found few companies willing to invest in their workers. It is not seen as important. What is even stranger is that it is relatively senior people, managers, directors, that travel to the hotspots. They should be placed in a position where they feel confident to do their job at the best of their ability. Which brings me to the other side of the coin. There is also a legal duty on the worker to do what is needed to stay safe, a duty of loyalty. Again, the building site example, the protective gear must be worn and worn properly. So it goes both ways which is a winning formula when you think about it.

So, the above is the answer. It is a legal requirement and not much else. Have a look at the JKLS hostage prevention and survival briefing where we can assist. With Europe in lockdown again, we switched to online, and it works as well as live.

Let us keep safe.

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