Updated: Nov 8, 2020

Be pro-active. Take care of your own safety.

It is critical to provide a safe environment. Statistics prove that sooner or later, in South Africa especially but it happens everywhere, if you are in regular one to one contact with clients outside your office, sooner or later, you will walk into a violent confrontation. Preparation is the key. And preparation is always pro-active in nature.

I was asked by several real estate agents for advice as they are worried about their safety. They must meet prospective clients. Sometimes in the evening at their clients' homes which is a perfect set-up for an ambush.

My company, JKLS Africa, came up with the idea of offering an online video learning platform where anyone can refresh what they already know, and ADD and implement practical, EASY, tips, and skills. The series consists of 18 short videos, organized by topic, i.e. Vehicle Safety - Anti-Hijacking, Reading Body Language, Terrorism Vs Criminal, Leadership, Secret Codes, Social Media, Insurance Driven Security, Hostage Survival (Rescue Phase), and much more.

The information found in all of these clips is essential to your safety. Especially to females I would absolutely suggest to at least watch: Social Media, Awareness - Body Language, Post Crime Scene, and Hostage Survival. These are crucial to keep safe. Not only for them but also for their families.

I reduced the prices to almost nothing to compensate for the crashing Rand. The price range is close to the same as what a pack of cigarettes cost in South Africa. I must wonder, what is your life worth to you? However, when something is totally free it is not appreciated. I saw that with my books too. You give one out for free, and you are told that you are “desperate.” And what is more, the book is not even read then but hoarded. So, every clip can be watched individually at R50 ($2.50) per chosen clip (each ranging between 7–15 minutes) or in its entirety (2.5 hours) which is 30% cheaper than one by one. Once rented the video must be played within 48 hours. They are to be found at:

Thank you for spreading the word among colleagues, especially females. There are other free videos of interest on my website too for those interested in security issues. See

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