Hostage Prevention

 and Survival

Confronting the Beast

JKLS Africa is not a security company or a law office but a highly specialized legal consultancy.

I served in the South African Police Force and wrote several books on security and counter-terrorism.

Thus I know about safeguarding my clients not only from a legal viewpoint but also from a security one.


This is not a security briefing but highly specialized forensic law. When a kidnapping takes place, a crime is committed, and it must be dealt with as such. This is about survival - of the hostage and the company/employer as well as saving money. You as a company want to emerge victoriously and your hostage wants to survive.


The above are not incompatible philosophies at all. When an employee is captured it costs the company and the insurance covering him, money to have him released. You also lose his skills which might be hard to replace. You might also be sued for negligence in not equipping him to survive. Your corporate reputation will take a hit, or not, depending on how you react.


The bottom line is that the risk of being taken hostage exists and is known to exist. More than $500 million a year is paid out according to FBI statistics. Therefore, the risk must be dealt with. It is proven time and time again that prevention is the answer.


This briefing is based upon decades of security & legal experience. It is not to be found anywhere else. The messages within will save lives and indeed have saved lives before.


Who needs it? Any executive and his family members traveling to sub-Saharan Africa to live or visit. For those not familiar with the local conditions and not having time to be trained for days or weeks. This is a 5-hour briefing conducted online or at your offices for the potential hostage. To brief the employer or company, add another two hours. The risk exists. According to FBI statistics, hundreds of millions of dollars of ransom is paid yearly.

​The JKLS Hostage Survival/Prevention Briefing is not supposed to turn you into a Special Operations Operator but to give you common-sense knowledge to survive as a hostage, and to save your corporate goodwill and reputation.

We cover a wide range of subjects designed to save the kidnapped as well as the Company, his employer. This is a legal issue as much as a security one.


The briefing/lecture can be given online via Zoom and split into two parts - for the hostage and for the company. 

Please Note:

  • We do not conduct hostage rescues. 

  • We do not conduct hostage negotiations. 

  • We do not deliver ransom money. 

All briefings are in English.



BACKGROUND (20 minutes)

  • The objective of this briefing

  • Kidnappings are a legal problem for the company, not only security

  • Methodology

  • Warning not to distribute the contents


PART ONE - HOSTAGE (4 hours)

  • Kidnapping in general - overview

  • Prevention & hoaxes & myths

  • How not to get kidnapped?

  • Types of hostage situations

  • Stages of hostage incidents

  • How to survive as a hostage

  • Stockholm Syndrome

  • Lima Syndrome

  • Should you escape given the opportunity to do so?

  • The Rescue Stage

  • What not to do?



  • What the employer should do?

  • Medical Insurance & Evacuation

  • Company Action Plan when an employee is kidnapped - General comments

  • Authorities to contact

  • The wellbeing of the hostage and his family

  • The wellbeing of the company and its reputation

  • Follow the 5 basic steps

  • Action Plan Example