Hostage Prevention, and Survival

Confronting the


JKLS Africa is not a security company or a law office but a highly specialized legal consultancy.
Because I served in the South African Police Force and wrote several books on security and counter terrorism I know

about safeguarding my clients not only from a legal viewpoint but also from a security one.
There is a great need for this information.




This briefing is based upon decades of security & legal experience to be found nowhere else. The messages within will save lives.

​The JKLS Hostage Survival/Prevention Briefing is not supposed to turn you into a Special Operations operator but to give you common sense knowledge to survive as a hostage (should it happen), and  to save your corporate goodwill and reputation.

The briefing takes 6-8 hours to complete and is for Executives only. We cover a wide range of subjects designed to save the kidnapped as well as the Company, his employer. This is a legal issue as much as a security one.

Please Note:

  • We do not conduct hostage rescues. 

  • We do not conduct hostage negotiations. 

  • We do not deliver ransom money. 

This briefing is available one to one, or in a small group, a maximum of 5 people. The fee is $2,500 per briefing, excluding travel costs.

The JKLS Hostage Prevention & Survival Briefing is not available on a pre-recorded video, as some of our other programs, and never will be for security reasons.  It is only available face to face online or in person. but can be given online or in person. 

All briefings are in English.


We are pro-active in outlook, and we follow all local and international laws.

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JKLS Africa is closed on the Sabbath (Saturday)



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Lausanne, Switzerland

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