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The JKLS System has saved many. I am proud of that.
​More details of the system is in my book "Safety Net."

JKLS Africa Security System

It is critical to safeguard yourself and your loved ones against violent crime. Layered security is the key. There is no one system that works for all eventualities.

You might know about security, most people think they do, but experience has proven time and time again that real lifesaving knowledge application is absent.

This one deals with the issues that may save your life. It gives you the ability to speak when unconscious.  It is what the emergency response people is looking for when they arrive on the scene.

We also look at legal issues after death. Important ones that no one wishes to speak about. But issues that you will face one day should a loved one die.

Finally, we ensure that the insurance companies do not cheat you on legal technicalities as they will try to do. Yes, it is not your normal type of security advice / video at all.

 Counter Industrial Espionage

Industrial espionage is happening and is largely ignored by managers/executives. As I said in my book, The Egg Breakers – Counter-Terrorism in sub-Sahara Africa, “Not all spying is on behalf of governments or even involves a government funded organisation which is the idea which most have of spying. You also find commercial spying called industrial espionage directed against business secrets and know-how. It is a major unrecognized problem in Africa for all companies and not only large multi-nationals. For some reason, most overseas companies just don't get it that this type of thing can happen in Africa too, and not only in China or Europe.  On industrial espionage, the available statistics tell us that Germany loses up to $87 billion dollars per year. That is roughly 30,000 job losses (2012 statistics – you can double the above figures today).”

Thus, ​It is critical to safeguard your company against industrial espionage since it is happening.  It is a major unrecognized problem in Africa for all companies and not only large multi-nationals. 

​You may be up against major intelligence agencies and not only criminals. Do not underestimate the known threat.

Police Brutality - And Surviving a Riot

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Secrets of Tactical Shooting

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