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Legal Assistance - Contracts and Legal Advice for Southern and West Africa

We aren’t your average legal advisors – we are miles ahead of the industry and our competitors. We reduce risk and save money by thinking outside the box and being proactive. What we do is unique and based upon decades of experience.


We advise on contracts, company structuring, high-level negotiations, joint ventures, general legal advice, and legal compliance in Southern and West Africa. There is no need to take unnecessary risks. Speak to us before doing business or going to sub-Saharan Africa. On request only, we also have a world-class Hostage Survival & Prevention Briefing available for executives.

We are but a Zoom call away from a consultation.


Starting his career in the South African Police Force (1985-1991) and then studying law at the University of the Free State, Bloemfontein, South Africa, Koos graduated in 1997 with the law degrees B Iuris & LLB.  He is highly experienced on all sides of the legal spectrum, police, state prosecutor, human rights attorney, defence counsel, and corporate legal advisor. His experience includes all types of commercial legal work and compliance with full litigation oversight. His approach is unconventional conventional... that is a solid belief in compliance and establishing protocols but also outside of the box thinking to get cost-effective solutions.  Koos wrote many books on law, business, counter-terrorism, and security. There is little that he does not know regarding security and legal issues in Southern and Western Africa.

JKLS Africa Founder, Koos Kotzé
Three Decades of Legal and Security Experience 

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